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gthmg bonked 21 Nov 2022 13:10 +0000
original: benjojo@benjojo.co.uk

My honk fork is now open for other mortals to gaze upon.


Changes are:

0) / is a file server, rather than honk, access by /honk
(You can co-exist with your static site!), TLS is now supported
directly via golang's autocert (aka letsencrypt)
1) Avatar support
2) Twitter-like styles, less purple
3) Source code has functions I've tried to understand renamed
4) MP4 support
5) GIF support
6) Twitter imports work again
7) -display.days to show you how deep a timeline should go (I set to 90)
8) Likes are syslogged, but still not displayed on the WebUI, or stored

gthmg honked 21 Nov 2022 00:52 +0000

@benjojo Honk is amazing but these NSA generated avatars are far more distracting than actual pictures! If your source isn't too private would you mind sharing at least a patch for profile pictures. Thanks!